Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: Some Problems and Perspectives

Carl-Göran Heidegren

Lund University


In my presentation I will discuss some problems relating to an interpretation of the book. I will comment on for structure of the book (the problems of the two titles and the two divisions of content), the role of language, the role of recognition as a key concept, and (which I can only hint at) the role of, what Hegel calls, the infinite judgment. All in all, I will present some possible lines of interpretation, rather than attempts at definite solutions.


Carl-Göran Heidegren is Professor of Sociology at Lund University. His research areas include history of ideas, sociology of philosophy, and sociology of culture. Publications: Hegels Fenomenologi. En analys och

kommentar [Hegel's Phenomenology: Analysis and Commentary]; Johan Jakob Borelius – den siste svenska hegelianen [J. J. Borelius: The Last Swedish Hegelian]; Det moderna genombrottet i nordisk

universitetsfilosofi [The Modern Breakthrough in Nordic University Philosophy].